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Frédéric Arron is a professional and personal development coach. He is the author of several books on personal fulfilment and success. He helps his clients transform their lives and get what they really want. His unique approach will allow you to achieve fast results with minimal effort. Prepare to be surprised!

Active Training

Training Name Chapters Rate
How to create a major change in your life (Only in French) 3
The Law of attraction: How to be, to do, have anything you really want. (Only in French) 3
How to change your personal story (Only in French) 3
How to become a more confident person (Only in French) 1
How to find your mission in life (Only in French) 1
How to quit your job (Only in French) 1
How to be a better manager (Only in French) 4
Unleash the Heroes Within (Only in French) 3
How to get your first clients as a coach, entrepreneur or expert (Only in French) 3


Training by Frédéric Arron in the CoreLine library.

How to create a ma..

You can change your life and make your dreams come true. The truth is that our desires are not meant to be ignored but fulfilled.  And if we keep resisting them, we"re playing a losing game.  Ful....

  • BP15
  • RP30
  • SP30

The Law of attract..

Just by looking around, we can witness the forces at work around us, and inside of us.  Planets move about in space, everything in nature grows and gets renewed with ease.  In the same way, ....

  • BP15
  • RP30
  • SP30

How to change your..

What if, finally, the real reason why you don"t have what you want is just the story you have been telling yourself?  Ever since our childhood, we were shaped by these stories, the ones that scar....

  • BP15
  • RP30
  • SP30

How to become a mo..

What is the secret of those who succeed in all their endeavors?It has nothing to do with luck, gender, skin color or intelligence. The determining factor is self-confidence.  It enables us to pro....

  • BP5
  • RP10
  • SP10
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