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Eric Mathiasin is a certified Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a coach, therapist and experienced facilitator working with various audiences, both in the private and pro-fessional arena, who are engaged in a personal development or therapeutic approach. He created the first authorized training institute in the French West Indies, dedicated to the training of profes-sionals working in the field of helping and therapeutic alliances with their patients. Eric Mathiasin has trained numerous therapists in the use of these simple tolls that can easily improve their pa-tients' daily lives: psychologists, coaches, social workers, health professionals have used these tools successfully for depression, phobias, traumas, addiction, eating disorders, stress before an exam

Active Training

Training Name Chapters Rate
How to Adapt to the Different Personality Types (Only in French) 1
How to establish a good communication rapport with your interlocutor (Only in French) 1
How to be on the same wavelength as your interlocutor. (Only in French) 1
How to help an apprentice or an intern to progress ? (Only in French) 1
How to captivate your interlocutor or your audience’s attention? (Only in French) 1
How to improve one"s public speaking skills ? (Only in French) 1


Training by Eric Mathiasin in the CoreLine library.

How to Adapt to th..

This training will enable you to discover and learn how to recognize the different personality types.  You"ll be able to better understand their beliefs, their values and....

  • BP20
  • RP20
  • SP20

How to establish a..

This training is the perfect opportunity to acquire the most effective techniques in order to establish a good communication rapport with your interlocutor.  You"ll learn....

  • BP20
  • RP20
  • SP20

How to be on the s..

Haven"t you dreamt of being in perfect attunment with your spouse, your child, your friend, your coworker, your boss ? This training will teach you how to be on the same wave length as....

  • BP15
  • RP15
  • SP15

How to help an app..

This training is a must if you want to help your trainees, or any of your team members, to progress and to develop their full potential.  You’ll discover the « Fee....

  • BP10
  • RP10
  • SP10
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