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Julian Bolster is a globally recognized Master Coach on leadership and business success and works with hundreds of companies and individuals across North America to develop leadership at every level of their career and personal success.   A successful serial entrepreneur with five businesses to date, Julian has made it his mission to share his knowledge and motivate others to achieve measurable and meaningful success at both the personal and professional levels. A remarkable speaker and author, Julian has been featured as guest expert on BBC World News, Slice TV, and works with leaders, politicians and celebrities around the world. In 2012, he had the opportunity to co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard (The One-Minute Manager) and is currently working on his second book, tentatively entitled, Masculinity Crisis: Building Leadership into Community and Corporate Fabric. As a thought leader, Julian is a pioneer who possesses the ability to take his message of leadership from the executive levels of corporate enterprise to the marginalized members of our society.  He believes leadership is at the cornerstone of empowerment and plays as a vital role in how we define and shape our communities.

Active Training

Training Name Chapters Rate
Find Your Happiness 1
Claim Your Future 1
Develop the Mindset to Make Sales Happen 1
Assertiveness Training/Building Confidence 1
How to Ask Powerful Questions 1
How Your Beliefs Can Limit Success 1
Motivation vs Inspiration 1
Creating a Positive Team Culture 1
Overcome Fear 1
Four Pillars of Leadership 1
How to Be Fearless: Unleash Your Creativity 1
Value-Based Selling 1
Strategy & Tactics 1
Personal Mastery & the Power of You 1
Power of Action and How to Build Momentum 1
Think Like an Entrepreneur 1
Building Rapport and Networking 1
How to Close the Sale 1
Leading your way to Sales Success: Unlock your team 16


Training by Julian Bolster in the CoreLine library.

Find Your Happiness

We all share a common goal, and that is to live a happy life. But what will it take to make you happy? Is it a new car, a new house, or a new job? In this session, Julian will share techniques so you ....

  • BP10
  • RP10

Claim Your Future

Have you ever wished that you can have your life turn out the way you wanted? In this session, Julian will provide specific tools that you can use to start making a difference in your life that will g....

  • BP10
  • RP10

Develop the Mindse..

How to make sales happen is the Holy Grail of your business. In this session, you will gain a deep understanding of common pitfalls that can limit your success and learn a four step system to creating....

  • BP10
  • RP10

Assertiveness Trai..

With great confidence comes great power! Those with incredible confidence tend to achieve far greater results than those who do not. Confidence is not something you can learn, it is uncovered. This se....

  • BP10
  • RP10
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