About Coreline

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, housewife or a student, everyone can benefit from an improvement in skill levels and in bringing their knowledge right up to date. We provide training to thousands of people and our members tell us that CoreLine has helped them to acquire brand-new skills, switch careers, land promotions, build their own business and explore new hobbies. What can we help you do?

CoreLine offers a powerful new way to learn online and have full control of your learning. We provide real insights from successful entrepreneurs who have built high growth businesses through ambitious ideas and combined practical training workshops with inspiring interviews. Our entrepreneurs are industry experts, highly experienced in their field, eager to share their entrepreneurship journey with you.

Why choose CoreLine?


Offering 24/7 access to interactive online training products to support your learning plan. Choose when it’s convenient for you to learn. The training is ready when you are

World-Class Trainers

We have a wide variety of trainers; from entrepreneurs sharing their business experiences, to skilled artisans providing practical skills. Our trainers are subject matter experts in their particular field; each with a unique story to tell and mastered techniques to share.

Trusted Certification

Each CoreLine training product has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through storytelling to discussion, backed with the latest technology to give you the most valuable online learning experience to achieve powerful results.

Dan Andersson President, CEO and Founder

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