Introduction to Blockchain Technology- 1.0.1

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology- 1.0.1

Introduction to Blockchain Technology is the first training module of the Blockchain Technology Training Program. It provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of the Blockchain Technology by initially exploring the data storage on Blockchain, tracking changes, decentralized and distributed networks.

Learning Outcome:

Students will learn about decentralized peer-to-peer network, an immutable distributed ledger and the trust model that defines a Blockchain. This course will enable the students to explain basic components of a Blockchain, its operations, underlying algorithms and essentials of trust.

Topics Covered:

Blockchain Basics
Smart Contract Overview
Blockchain Use Cases
Blockchain Foundation & Fundamentals 
Technology stack
Private Ledgers
Storing your assets

Certification: On successful completion of the training program, the students will receive an online certificate from Global Blockchain Academy, Blockchain Association of Pakistan and the whole program is supported by IT and Telecom Ministry of Pakistan.

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