Quick Wins Series to Stress Less

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Quick Wins Series to Stress Less

Stress triggered by overload is big issue for many busy business owners and professionals. The negative effects of stress will affect your ability to make good decisions and too much of it can make you ill.

You are not a machine and taking care of yourself is vital. By doing so you will be clearer thinking, have more energy and enjoy your work more.

In this course Jackie Jarvis, Business Development Expert and Author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing, is giving you 5 Quick Wins to Stress Less

These inspiring, proven ideas practiced by successful UK business owners and professionals will help you to stress less, have more energy and as a result accomplish more of what is important to you.

 5 Quick Wins to Stress Less

  • Manage Self - Talk

  • Learn to Let Go

  • Be Present

  • Exercise for Energy

  • Delegate with Confidence

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