Unleash the Heroes Within (Only in French)

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Unleash the Heroes Within (Only in French)

When we think about change, most of us focus on concrete goals, like the things we would like to get or do. It could be to make more money, have more free time, change jobs, improve our relationships, and, why not, change our car or spend wonderful holidays.  And it makes perfect sense.  We imagine that, when we'll have or do these things, we'll feel better, and it's often the case. However, we don't realize that everything we'll experience outside of us is directly linked to our inner change.  Throughout our lives, we're living an incredible inner adventure.  If we stay vigilant, it will enable us to awaken our dormant capabilities, carried by our inner heroes, and to live the life we really want.  Who are these inner heroes and what are the various stages we need to go through to live this adventure successfully? This is what you're invited to discover in this compelling personal development program: 'Unleash the Heroes within'.

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