How to quit your job (Only in French)

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How to quit your job (Only in French)

You are fed up and you want to quit your job. I had the same experience in the past. However, let me tell you that the problem is not your boss, your colleagues or your position. And that's good news. Because if it that was the case, it would mean that the solution lies outside of you. Whereas it’s really inside of you. You can find it and implement it, so that nobody could object.

You might say that it's obvious, that you have the solution, you just need to Q.U.I.T. ! But be patient … if you leave while being frustrated, scared or feeling any negative emotions, you are at risk of recreating the same adverse circumstances in your next professional environment. You should know that, ultimately, you could even get what you want professionally without having to leave anything behind. Just by making new adjustments within yourself, you can literally invent and invite a new situation in your reality.

I am not telling you not to quit your job, but how to do it in the best way possible, and this is what you’ll discover in this program.

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