How to find your mission in life (Only in French)

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How to find your mission in life (Only in French)

People always want more in life.  It doesn’t mean they don’t want a “normal life”.  They certainly want to see their friends, have fun, work, love, but they have a strong feeling that there is more to life.  And even though some already have all the traditional components of a happy life, they won’t feel totally nurtured inside unless they embark on a particular path.  It’s only when they’ll find, and start to follow, this path that they’ll feel deeply fulfilled because everything they do will give a higher meaning to their lives.  Furthermore, their contribution to others, and to the world, will be deeper than on any other path. What these people really want, their greatest aspiration, is to find their life’s mission.  In this video, you’ll learn how to identify your life’s mission, and how to live it fully, here and now, should you so desire.  

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