Quick Wins Series to Retain and Build Client’s Spend

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Quick Wins Series to Retain and Build Client’s Spend

One of the easiest and quickest ways to grow a business is to find ways to increase the amount and frequency of your existing client’s spend. This can be the secret pot of gold in any established business that is very often missed.

In this course Jackie Jarvis, Business Development Expert and Author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing, is giving you 5 Quick Wins to Retain and Build Clients Spend.

These inspiring, proven ideas practiced by successful UK business owners and professionals will help you grow your business NOW! 

5 Quick Wins to Retain and Build Client’s Spend.

  • Needs Review

  • Refer to your Clients 

  • Cross and Up Sell

  • Show ROI and Value

  • Build a Strong Rapport

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