LEO Credentialed Coach, LCC

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LEO Credentialed Coach, LCC

The LEO Credentialed Coach, (LCC) is a powerful video training series that teaches you about your mind and how it works. Once you gain insight on this piece of powerful 'technology', that each of us was born with, you will be able to control it so it works in your benefit more consistently. In addition to this self-coaching ability, you will also learn and understand the process of guiding others in taking control of their own mind. This will lead to more results from you and your team and you take on any of life’s challenges.

Building the mental and inter-personal skill of coaching will help you:

- Achieve more personal results

- Allow you to empower and influence others

- Build your self-awareness

- Reduce your stress and eliminate unnecessary fears

- Open you up to a whole new world of possibilities you never thought possible

This program is designed for anyone who is responsible for the growth and performance of others.

Roles include: Executives, Managers, Team Leads, Mentors, Consultants, Aspiring Coaches

And other leadership roles not mentioned above

Start your Personal and Professional Development Coaching Programme with Ryan Coelho today!

PPDC Programme Includes;


Successful enrolees who pass the LEO Credentialed Coach exam and attend LEO Credentialed Coach workshop that will be held in LEO Global events will be awarded as LEO Credentialed Coach. LEO Credentialed Coach Workshop details will be released under Live Seminar Section on LEO Webshop.



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  • rachglobalonline

    2 years ago

    This is a very good course for those who are exploring to become an effective life coach 2 thumbs up highly recommended

  • MarizaB8

    2 years ago

    We need to hold our strong beliefs, we listen always the coaching, and we need always learn first before anything to do plan and act.

  • domarvelous

    2 years ago

    thank you

  • wealthmaker

    2 years ago

    very helpful. I am going toapply what i learn definitely. two thumbs up

  • ARHussain

    2 years ago

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