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Effective Selling Skills

Do you think that you are not a sales person but want to succeed in sales? Do you want to increase your sales without being pushy? Join sales expert Jackie Jarvis in this series of training, learn ...

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  • RP85

The Power of Smart Customer Relations

Communication is key. Whether you are speaking with your team, with prospective clients or with family and friends, you have to ensure that what you are saying is clear and concise. Master the scie...

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Change for Success Series

Lyn Conway has created a series of training and touches on basic principles on how to achieve SUCCESS. The key elements in this series include:  
Discovering your priorities and enjoying the ...

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Master the Art of Motivation and Passion

Motivation is what drives business and your life forward. You can be motivated by multiple external factors, but the strongest motivation comes from within. If you want to become a master of your o...

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QUIT IT Series (includes all 9 topics)

Connie Podesta has created a series of candidly refreshing and insightful interviews to help YOU discover what you need to QUIT DOING in order to START GETTING what you want. In this series, Connie Po...
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