We offer an innovative and creative approach to learning with multilingual training products for flexible, hands-on learning. Extend your knowledge and learn from professionals that are experts in their field.


Expert Trainers

CoreLine trainers are highly qualified subject matter experts, with proven experience in their chosen field. Our incredible training products are structured with materials and activities uniquely designed with the needs and interests of the learner in mind.

Variety of topics

Needing a little inspiration, motivation, or looking to improve a specific skill set? We have fantastic training products covering business management, personal development, team development, goal setting, prospecting, time management, customer service skills and social media training.

Structured for your convenience

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, product categorisation will help you find training products that will be most beneficial to your level of knowledge, preferred language and range of interest.

Practice. Test yourself. Learn

Our training products are always available and without a time limit. Pick a schedule that works for you and learn whenever and wherever you want. You can practice while learning, test your knowledge and even go back to achieve perfection.

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